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Suzy Miller: Divorce Strategist "Let Peace Be Your Weapon Of Choice"


Suzy Miller
Divorce Strategist
As seen on BBC TV, Telegraph, Daily Mail etc
Collaborated with MOJ in promoting dispute resolution
“Peace is my weapon of choice”

Suzy has collaborated with the Ministry Of Justice in promoting dispute resolution, she is an affiliate member of the Family Mediators’ Association, has written for the Daily Mail and been featured in many national magazines and appeared on BBC Breakfast TV, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and C5’s The Vanessa Show.

She is an independent ‘Peacemaker’ – not a lawyer, not a mediator – but she knows who you need to talk to when divorcing to stay on a peaceful path, and when.

Suzy is a ‘travel guide’ through the landscape of The Divorce Discovery Voyage, offering Divorce Strategy Sessions to help couples and individuals avoid the toxic family law-courts and to be able to access dispute resolution successfully.





What is your area of expertise

Empowering families to avoid the negative effects of divorce on the child – especially within the first  1001 days.

What innovative new approaches are you offering to this time period?

Raising the alarm on how a dysfunctional divorce / abusive family situation can lead to learning and other difficulties as a result of the child in utero being exposed to the mothers raised cortisol and other stress responses.

Can you offer any tools to support the viewer? For example: your 3 top tips, or a website link for more information and support?

An entire online platform offering free access to resources and guidance in the form of audio podcasts, videos, animated films and short stories.


Divorce is Like a Hurricane

“Divorce is like a hurricane” the therapist tells my mother.

But who will protect ME?

Encased within her womb I am not immune.  Adrenaline pumps each time the arguments begin.  Cortisol surges with each new legal battle, sustained flight and flight response contributing to heart disease, lower immunity, allergies… depression.

More stress as guilt pricks hard: “Will these anti-depressants harm the baby, doctor?”

And every biochemical and hormonal rush is transmitted down the umbilical super highway.  I am spared nothing.

With the miracle of my birth I arrive into a home where relationship stress has magically transformed into the road to poverty, absent father working but not really present, part of the massive rise in presenteeism in the workplace, in debt to the divorce lawyers.  Mother disconnected, self-medicating to cope, and here am I approaching my 1001 days from conception, with a body hard-wired for action, ready for fight or flight, and there is no off-switch for what has become my ‘norm’.

As I grow to become just one more of those statistics whose parents let the divorce hurricane destroy the landscape of our lives, I have a significantly higher risk of health problems, of drug addiction, of going to prison, of mental illness.

Why did the therapist not tell my mother that every attacking thought and angry word spoken or received, is pumped into the child she carries, raw and unfiltered?

Why did the lawyer not tell my mother that in a hurricane, you need to look for somewhere solid to take cover, and connect with experts in regrowth and recovery?

Why did no-one show her that there is a better way to stay out of the path of the hurricane, to rebuild a peaceful life where both of my parents can thrive?

Divorce is like a hurricane.  But for some it doesn’t pass but relentlessly rips at the fabric of family life.  Pumped with adrenalin and cortisol and sustained stress since my conception, fed via the umbilical cord and then the very atmosphere I breathe for the more recent of my 1001 days – the hurricane… has become me.”

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