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Call for Submissions from Artists, Scientist & Experts

Extended Deadline Friday 29th September 2017 

Event Information

Zero2 Expo is an offshoot organisation of PIP UK and the 1001 Critical Days, the UK’s first cross-party children’s manifesto. We are creating an exciting, leading edge multimedia exhibition synergising art and science to stimulate dialogue, inspire changes and action in the first 1001 days of life by engaging parents, the public and communities to understand the need for new approaches, clearer pathways to better support and encouraging more strategic investment amongst policy makers and health-care professionals. We believe this is the biggest Public Health message of our time and is crucial that we spread the word through an accessible way using thought provoking art and the latest scientific/expert research.

Our pilot exhibition in the House of Commons in 2016 attracted 4,000 politicians and staff and was key to getting perinatal mental health as key focus for NHS England and local transformation plans throughout the country. The overwhelmingly positive response to this first exhibition encouraged us to develop the initiative further and Zero2 Expo was born.

Zero2 Expo curators are inviting a group of powerful, high-impact artists, scientists, front line health professionals, psychologists, parenting experts and thought changers to provide information that focuses on a specific area between conception to age two. The exhibition will take place outside adjacent to an indoor venue for scheduled events. (See the company who is designing our outdoor expo:

Artists, Scientist and Experts are invited to submit one piece of artwork or an abstract responding to one of the following themes:

  • Maternal Wellbeing including perinatal mental health support – where to go and how to get support 
  • Conception (Conscious conception – having a baby for the right reasons)
  • Pregnancy / unborn child – allow pregnancy to unfold peacefully, reducing stress)
  • Nutrition – how important it is
  • Birth 
  • Post natal – importance of breastfeeding, attaching / engaging with your baby
  • Early Years Development
  • Conscious Parenting/Family
  • Female and Male Identity and Role – relationships, communication, both partners getting their needs met. Important role of fathers and the masculine
  • Impact of Poverty and Culture

*There is a more detailed list below.

Artists are being asked to loan ONE piece of artwork to the exhibition, which will be photographed and exhibited by printing onto boards. Using photographs rather than original images will facilitate easy movement of this outdoor exhibition, reduce security costs and possible loss by damage, theft etc. Artists are being approached on a voluntary basis (no fee). Although contributors will not be offered remuneration, it is anticipated that you will be keen to take part as doing so offers you opportunities for profile-raising via a powerful and meaningful exhibition.

Scientists and experts with lived experience, are being asked to contribute ONE 400 word abstract for exhibiting alongside the artwork. You may also include a longer conference paper, written essay, video or other media for the website if desired. We want cutting-edge science WITH enlightening, holistic new ideas. Please consider:

1. What is your area of expertise?
2. What innovative new approaches are you offering to this time period?
3. Can you offer any tools to support the viewer? For example: your 3 top tips, or a website for more information and support?

Selection process of submissions will identify key pieces to make up the exhibition. You will have the opportunity to showcase your work in this prestigious outdoor exhibition, feature in the catalogue, as well as participate in other key conversation pieces that will run in parallel to the Expo.

Exhibited Art Work and its creative process will offer inspiring, transforming and stimulating dialogue, next to thought provoking abstracts that promises to engage a multigenerational audience and other scientific and creative partners.

How to apply:

Artists: please send a jpeg image of the finished artwork (including title, description, media and dimensions), a 200 word description and a short biography/resume. All creative media is accepted: painting, collage, illustration, sculpture, photography, digital art, film/video, poetry. One final piece of art work per artist will be accepted. 

Scientist/Experts: please send a 400 word abstract, in your area of expertise and a short biography/resume. If accepted, your piece of writing will be displayed alongside the artwork.  

Contact: Please send your art image or abstract to Alex Florschutz:
Email: Website:

Submission Deadline: Friday 29th September 2017 

Exhibition Location: Expos will be held outside in central city locations and tour the UK and abroad for the next three years. The launch date is yet to be confirmed but will launch in central London.

If you wish to be part of this exciting coalition of art and science then please apply now by:  Friday 29th September 2017 

Submission entry is FREE

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Partners: Bright Start Foundation, City of Culture Warrington, Public Health Wales, PIP UK, 

Detailed Featured List for Artist or Scientist / Expert:
This is a more detailed list you may wish to write about or portray creatively.

Mothers Wellbeing
Emotional, psychological, sexual, spiritual and physical health and wellbeing and Women’s Empowerment
Promotion of creativity, art and connection to the natural world

Conscious conception
Education, understanding choices and responsibilities
Fertility/ infertility/IVF

Pregnancy / Unborn Child
The crucial role of midwives, health visitors and other health care professionals
Women centred birth preparation (balanced information to empower the mother for birth alongside useful risk assessment)
Building a relationship to your growing baby
Changing identity in becoming a mother
Pregnancy Loss – Miscarriage, Ectopic pregnancy, Stillbirth, Termination,…
Domestic violence
Maternal stress
Maternal Mental Health
Intergenerational transmission of psychopathology
Trauma, neglect and abuse
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Impact of world events such as war, famine, epidemics
Neuroscience, Epigenetics, & other experts

Birth – Conscious birthing practices
Emphasis on better quality and holistic training for midwives, health visitors and other health care professionals
Role of the partner
The role of spiritual beliefs, meditation, breathwork, bodywork and family traditions in supporting birth
Traumatic Birth

Post Natal
The importance of the first few hours after birth between mother and infant
Bonding / attachment between mother and infant
Breastfeeding / complementary feeding / feeding practices

Sleeping, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, (and dangers of ‘cry it out’ parenting)
Emotional adjustment of the mother, father and family

Early years development
Understanding attachment
Growing infant, sensory and physical development
Life stages, education about child development
Child Health (and infant and child mental health)

Parenting / Family
Holistic child centred/family centred approaches to parenting
Quality of relationships (partner, family and community)
Importance of good communication between parents (and baby)
Families matter whatever their constellation
Cultural beliefs and practices
Birth parents and families
Adoption, looked after children, adopted children, orphans, refugees
Conscious Sex
Alternative schooling

The Impact of Poverty
Poverty, disadvantage, inequality

Female & male identity & role
(in being a parent, gender issues, role models, sexuality)
Understand identity issues for women
Understand identity issues men
Importance of good role models

Some key areas of influence on the 1001 days

Neglect and emotional abuse in the earliest years
Sexual and physical abuse in the earliest years
Being a looked-after infant
Chronic exposure to domestic violence
Parents with severe mental health, drug / alcohol problems
Family poverty and other disadvantage
Intrauterine nutrition/environment
IVF and infertility

Maternal emotional health/stress
Family emotional nurturing/acceptance
Empowered, non-medicalised birth and bonding
Care continuity in pregnancy and birth
Empowering images of motherhood / fatherhood

Thank you for your interest.

The Zero2 Expo Team