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Significance of this 1001 critical days issue & why Zero2 Expo is best placed to respond

Whilst a good start prepares a child for a life of learning, fulfilment and supportive relationships, a less than optimal first 1001 days can have lifelong negative effects, particularly on those already experiencing multiple layers of poverty. Research by Shemmings & Shemmings found that stressors such as maltreatment, or trauma, which negatively impact development of emotional areas of the brain, affect approximately 40% of all children during the first 1001 days of life; setting in motion a chain of adverse effects culminating in lower educational attainment, greater risk of mental and physical illness, drug and alcohol abuse, higher unemployment levels, poor relationship forming skills (including parental relationships), difficulties in social functioning, antisocial and disruptive behaviour and chronic illness.

A World Health Organisation Study found that preventing some of these stressors can more than halve drug use, violence and reduce teenage pregnancies by a third. This represents a major potential impact in the long term. To encourage such long-term investment and foresight over a sustained period requires a significant and prolonged awareness campaign that will rise above political agendas and parliamentary timetables.

Zero2 Expo is dedicated to using art and science to explore and promote this issue further. Our organisation has been specially built to incorporate expertise in the arts, science, early childhood, awareness raising and public education skills. Our team includes health and science experts at the top of their profession with the experience and expertise needed for a high-profile campaign. We have collated the latest and most robust data in this field; and already built a confident following amongst MPs and local authorities who trust us to deliver this evidence in an engaging and creative way, alongside practical recommendations that practitioners, carers and parents can immediately adopt and implement without further training or expensive resources.