Our Values

We at Zero2 Expo value:

Rights of the child
The right of every child to receive the best possible start in life with a particular focus on the first 1001 days, starting with conception

Role of parents and family
The unique role of parents / caregivers and families in the development of the child during this period of life, the need to understand and consider their values and support their needs

Role of community and culture
The important role of community and culture, in educating, promoting understanding and meeting the needs of the child and family at the start of life whilst recognising equality and diversity

The 1001 Critical Days Manifesto
The unique role of the 1001 Critical Days Cross Party Manifesto as our inspiration

The role of science and evidence in helping to create a healthy, balanced, robust and successful society

Psychology, midwifery, parenting and other experts
Complementary approaches and the role of psychologists, midwives, parenting and other experts in helping to create a healthy, balanced, robust and successful society

Art and artists
The role of art and artists in stimulating reflection, debate and greater exploration

Our stakeholders
The role of all our stakeholders who have the capacity to create greater investment of resources in the first 1001 days

Our team
The wellbeing and contribution of our team and associates. We seek to treat each person with gratitude, respect, honesty, open communication and compassion