Exhibition & Events

Oxford Exhibition 2017

We are exhibiting in the Corridor Gallery, John Radlciffe Hospital, Oxford from the 11th November to 23rd December 2017

About our Exhibitions

Zero2 Expo presented Tomorrow’s Child Exhibition held in the Houses of Parliament in June 2016. This was a powerful showcase of mixed media art and science that ignited a lively and informed dialogue amongst participants and the 4,000 Members of Parliament who attended, generating greater awareness of the importance of the conception to age two period.

The overwhelmingly positive response to the exhibition encouraged us to develop the exhibition further and plan to take it nationwide. Dr Muna Abdel Aziz, Director of Public Health, Housing and Neighbourhoods, Families and Wellbeing at Warrington Borough Council, has already commissioned the Zero2 Expo exhibition as part of their work to disseminate the 1001 days messages to parents and other carers. In response to this the project plan for Warrington will supplement the exhibition with a programme of local media events, and additional resources, which will help NHS and NCT new-parents groups to visit the exhibition and explore its themes more deeply.

Local city authorities are invited to bid to host the expo in advance in order to ensure adequate funding for the expo is obtained at each site.

Expressions of Interest

Zero2 Expo has already had expressions of interests from the Scottish, Welsh and Irish parliaments to host the Expo, including other cities such as Oxford and Warrington. Following on from the launch in Abu Dhabi, Zero2 Expo will then be introduced to the rest of the GCC and Middle East countries. Expressions of interest have also come from India, Indonesia and the United Nations. Funding to be agreed on a project to project basis with the interested party.

We believe this is the biggest Public Health message of our time and is crucial that we spread the word in an accessible way using thought provoking art and the latest scientific/expert research so we can truly Birth a Better Future.

Tomorrow’s Child Exhibition in the House of Commons 2016