Oxford 2017/18

11th November 2017 to 6th January 2018
Hosted By: Zero2Expo - Birthing a Better Future Exhibition
Venue: The Corridor Gallery, John Radcliffe Hospital (Main Entrance), Oxford

The Corridor Gallery, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford



Welcome to the launch of Birthing a Better Future art & science exhibition. We are delighted to be showcasing a small selection of our artist and scientist who participated in the first pilot exhibition in Parliament in 2016. In this next introductory exhibition where we hope to tantalise you with what is to come in our full travelling Expo. You will be able to view artwork and science abstracts which have evolved out of conversations between international artists and scientists from the Oxford area. The aim is to offer a platform to increase public awareness of and involvement in how we treat babies in the first 1001 days of life, the conception to age two period.

‘Birthing a Better Future’ aligns with the Oxfordshire Public Health priorities for Infant Mental Health exploring protective factors during pregnancy, birth and the early years through moving and imaginative art images in dialogue with scientific abstracts. Participating artists have local connections and exhibited in the pilot Exhibition of international work in the UK Parliament last year (2016).

The exhibition runs from:

11th November 2017 to 6th January 2018
The Corridor Gallery, John Radcliffe Hospital (Main Entrance), Oxford


For more information please contact:
Alex Florschutz on 07787 122157
E: alex@zero2expo.com

We would love you to get involved. Please register to keep in touch and find out when the full Zero2 Expo comes to your city. If you would like to invite us to your region please contact us. Email: info@zero2expo.com, Website: www.zero2expo.com

Slider Images:

Held with Light Series by ©Melissa Sheffield

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